twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, October 7, 2013

october (not so) blues.

shirt: michael stars blazer: h&m pants: h&m necklace: f21 hat: thrifted  shoes: borrowed

on a tuesday last week, twin and i were in one of our typical morning battles that left me feeling a little grumpy and sending some not-so-loving text messages her way around 8 am. it was another tuesday, a day that's just too far from friday. but her response made me forget what i was even upset about, and left a new kind of smile on my face that lasted the rest of that day.

 it was: "happy october :)"
it had taken me almost two hours to realize our favorite month had begun, and suddenly the stresses of making it to work on time and twin borrowing that shirt without asking didn't seem to weigh so heavily in my mind anymore. it was october. the month of candy corn, spooky costumes, chunky layers, patterned tights, and pumpkins. the month we were brought into this world.

since this october has felt more like august than autumn, i've found myself challenged to look season appropriate, while not sweating my cheeks off. these high-waisted pants have proven to be a great late summer to fall transition piece, with their lightweight feel and pattern. a breathable cotton shirt and fitted blazer allow for easy layering, especially when that beating sun decides to show up on your lunch break walk to the park. a dark burgundy lip and polish can really set the moody tone, too.
what are you wearing this october?


& Pretty Things said...

Megan, you're gorgeous! such a natural fashion blogger ;) xx

& Pretty Things

megan golden said...

daisy my love! i can't thank you enough.

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous! I love this outfit! Perfect combination. Casual but still so feminine.

Stylishlyme said...

Love the hat!! It's such a great top off to the outfit and great for October. It's my favorite time of the year!


LeeLee said...

Great outfit. Love the pop of red shoes.

Jackie said...

Cute outfit! I love the red shoes, and your hair is so pretty!

Amanda said...

October is my favourite month too! Love this entire outfit. :)


Brigita said...

Megan, you look absolutely stunning! Styling is perfect from your shoes up to your amazing hat! And I'm happy to hear that love took over that pointless anger!


itsEmmaEye said...

I LOVE the deep red lips!
La Mode D'Emm