twin in the city

twin in the city

Sunday, December 8, 2013

golden hour.

jacket: anthropologie (old) jeans: jimmy taverniti top: thrifted shoes: franco sarto bag: milly hat: ganesh
necklace: thrifted
this past saturday, twin and i found ourselves all bundled up, braving the winter weather in williamsburg, brooklyn. only a few stops from our apartment, this little trendy town has drawn us towards it for about a year now, and is even more enchanting wrapped up in christmas lights, with that delicious pine needle air. we found the local tree farm and hung out by the balsam cedars for as long as our chilly fingers would let us. grabbing some thai food and perusing the local shops in search of unique christmas gifts while mariah carey's "all i want for christmas" filled our ears made for a wonderful afternoon, just the two of us.
 staying warm while remaining stylish can seem like winter's biggest challenge, but not with the perfect wool coat that can be draped over any outfit. i found this one a couple years back, and it's doubled as a blanket ever since ;) this winter, my eyes are locked on this edgier version. a turtleneck can serve as a great heat-locking base to any winterized look, and pairing it with a glitzy necklace adds depth to an otherwise simple staple.
and then the tree salesman stole my camera.... :)
happiest of holidays to you! what styles are keeping you warm this winter?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

neutral november.

jacket: thrifted shirt: h&m pants: j brand shoes: bobbles & lace necklace: h&m
welcoming the chilly months this year has been surprisingly easy and maybe even a little magical. i know that technically no one has really "decked their halls" yet, and sure, thanksgiving hasn't even happened... but macy's has a floor dedicated entirely to ornaments and nutcrackers and starbucks switched their cups over to the red ones and maybe i'm just a tad bit excited for what's ahead. despite the fact that i broke out my flannel pajama set a week ago... nyc isn't quite ready to let go of sixty degree saturdays. so before dinner and a trip to hoboken saturday afternoon, twin and i found ourselves under this romantic bridge on manhattan's upper west, as the sun set behind us.
even though i'm a strong lover of brightness and color, i also appreciate a muted look that relies more on texture, and allows your lipstick or accessories to do the talking. the great thing about neutrals is their ability to be paired and piled, and still offer a put-together and effortlessly polished look.
what colors and textures are you wearing this november?

happy twenty-four, twin.

another year has gone by, and here we are again... it's our birthday. it's hard to believe we have already shared 24 of these special days together... especially that first one where we kept winking at eachother all bundled up in our hospital blankets. this past year has been a good/hard/happy/different/magical one, huh? let's see... we moved to brooklyn, cozied into our very first nyc apartment, had some pretty stellar internships, graduated (!), started our careers in the big city, and met some pretty amazing people along the way. but most importantly... we survived. we survived all those long nights in the lab, that freezing and treacherous apartment hunt, a summer away from home, our older sister moving away, and every other little thing that life has thrown our way. i'm proud of us. i'm proud of you. i'm proud of your new job. i'm proud of your relationship. i'm proud of the way you carry yourself. i'm proud of you for not giving up on nyc yet. thank you for making me such a proud twin.
24 definitely has a beautiful ring to it. maybe this will be the year that we'll take more chances, double up on risks, try more things that scare us, and check more of those crazy things off our list of dreams. so, twin...make an extra special wish on that candle, i have a feeling this year is going to be a golden one ;)
i love you more every day.