twin in the city

twin in the city

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


waiting. that's all most of us do, is wait. wait for that person or that job or that feeling or that "ah hah" moment. we dream and we want and we wait. we tell other people what we want, we tell ourselves what we want, we write down our wild ideas, but very rarely do we do something about it. we just wait for it, reassuring ourselves that it'll come. one day. one day we'll have that person or that job or that sense of being whole. one day it'll just happen.

i used to honestly think this way, and think that the things that are meant to happen simply will. if i'm supposed to end up with someone, i will. if i'm supposed to start a business, i will. if i'm supposed to be in new york, i'll end up back there. but what i've realized in 2014 is that this mentality is just a shield of safety, a secure place to hide behind the comfort of what is known and what is free of danger. there are a million reasons why something won't work, or why something is "too much of a risk," so we shy away from the unknown, and maybe even convince ourselves there's a reason why it's called "to dream." it's not meant to actually happen. 

the problem with the world is there are too many people who think this way. there are too many people who accept this, and continue in their routine. it wears us down and it defeats us, but we come to accept that for whatever reason, it's either too late or was never really meant to be. but isn't the lack of trying worse than potential failure? won't we resent ourselves for playing it safe? things happen for the people who don't give up. believing you can and you will is half of it. dream it and believe it.

i've never felt more hungry, anxious, or ready to go after what i want. there are a million reasons it couldn't or shouldn't work, but i'll find the one reason it does. and i'll fight until i've made it. i'll fight until it's mine. 

are you with me? no more waiting. 2015 will be the year of doing.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


a couple months of idea-bouncing, craft making, beer-brewing, and recipe hunting resulted in our first annual oktoberfest. and let me humbly say that we were SO happy with the outcome. i can't even put into words how much of a success this gathering was, this past saturday. long hours the previous nights felt well worth it, once our transformed space was a flood of dancing, laughter, and deliciously crafted brews. 
hand-crafted beer flights.

eat, drink, be german! ;)
pfeffernuesse cookies, pre-powdered.
ninety bottles, six flavors, gone!
warm illuminations.
finished flights.
and finishing touches.
salley brother brews. six scrumptious unique beers, crafted and bottled with extra love.
baby german flags and flavor displays.

mason jars covered every corner, and added an extra element of cozy.
home-made pretzels. out of this world ben salley.
german table-scape. 
taking off!
proud brewer :)
best friends.
sprinkled bottle caps.
tequila + apple cider cocktail bar.
feelin' that music.
thank you to everyone who pitched in and made our first annual oktoberfest as lovely as it was.

a special thanks to:
 kathleen & bill salley
melissa popovic
the salley brothers
and twin, of course

Monday, September 29, 2014

new look. same name.

it's been a struggle over the past couple months, trying to figure out what to do about the name of this blog. since moving back to new england, i technically don't live in new york city anymore. but new york is such a huge, wonderful part of who i am. new york has pushed me around, shoved me, and loved me... and for that reason it will always be one of the closest things to my heart. so the name is staying. even though i don't look out my bedroom window to city skylines or forty-story buildings, i still feel like i'm "twin in the city." and i always will be. and who knows.... maybe one day, i'll be back ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

sunflower girl.

sweater: f21 skirt: h&m booties: thrifted necklace: f21
 driving past this field a week ago, and becoming instantly mesmerized by the gorgeous blanket of sunny yellow, i couldn't wait to pay a visit with twin and the camera. although the sunflowers passed their peak by the time we went, they're still absolutely stunning, especially against the autumn setting sun.
with this inbetween-season weather, getting dressed is a bit of a challenge. we've gone from seventy-five degree sundays to fifty degree evenings, all while fall is trying to steal the show, and honestly i'm so excited for the air to hit that mark. i'm so thrilled to be home in new england for the leaves to change and for pumpkin carvings to take place and oktoberfest beers to be tasted.
one of my favorite current trends has to be pastels for fall. i love how these light hues are being mixed with season-appropriate textures and fabrications, and how unexpected it is to throw on a baby pink sweater in late september. daring to mix a couple different textures in one outfit is also a look i'm enjoying, and a challenge i'm willing to take on. ;)
happy fall!

Monday, September 15, 2014

market street stripes.

dress: tjmaxx jacket: h&m shoes: nyc corner boutique necklace:

this time of year really gets me. the leaves start to fall and the air gets crispy and there's an overwhelming sense of nostalgia with all the kids going back to school. to me, september always feels like a fresh start.... a time to reinvent yourself, to begin a new and wonderful chapter. with new york fashion week just passing us by, i was itching to get out there and do a style post. 

i tend to stay away from horizontal stripes since the illusion is widening, but the contouring side panels along this dress prove it to be very flattering. paired with a quilted-detail bomber and a color-pop necklace, i feel the perfect balance of bad girl edge and playful sweetness.

photos by melissa popovic & laura golden

Thursday, July 31, 2014

twin out of the city.

 top & shorts: francesca's closet shoes: dolce vita necklace: f21 clutch: italy
i have to be honest and say i have no clue what to name this blog, now that i'm out of the city. oh yeah...i moved home! not really sure if that's a shocker. my head and heart have been pulling me different directions when it's come to where i think i should be right now and where i know i belong. new york has been a wonderful and inspiring place that has set the tone for my career, but the north shore of massachusetts has by far won the race in every other way. this place has always been home to me.
for the past four years, i've assured myself that if i want to be a designer or in the fashion industry at all, new york is where i need to be. i'd sit on a bus that would sometimes break down, and i'd get back to boston after midnight on a friday knowing the weekend would pass in a blink and i'd soon be going right back to that life i convinced myself i wanted. the life of icky street corners, fast walkers, monthly bill worries, and an apartment that was just way too far from work... but somehow consumed my entire paycheck. i've always been the type of person to focus on the positive, and believe me, that's what i did for four years. that skyline at night, the out-of-this-world bagels, neighborhoods that stole my heart, and friends that changed my world. there are so many memories that pop in my mind in an instant that make my heart flutter, and honestly make me question for a moment if i made the right decision. but then i wake up to the fresh new england air, walk that familiar boardwalk, take in the sunsets and vibrant marshes, and see twin's smile... and i know this is right. this is right for me.
i've always said if you want a dream bad enough, you can make it come true anywhere. i truly believe that, now more than ever. this is a new and unexpected chapter in my life, but sometimes those are the best ones. the ones that you can't help but read over and over.
i'm currently obsessing over bold patterns, textured shorts, and comfortable wedges. the fit of this top is so effortless yet chic... i may have bought it in two patterns. :) high-waisted shorts are a great update on a summer staple, and i love the way they can instantly elongate your legs, especially paired with the right heel.

what trends are you swooning over this summer?
(all photos by twin)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

baby blue, bridges, and bittersweet goodbyes.

as i sit down to write this post, i have an uncomfortable lump growing in my throat. this is the post i've been avoiding. this is the truth i've been avoiding. last week, twin packed up her things and left me as a solo twin in the city. this change has been both eye-opening and painful, something i knew i'd have to face sooner or later. we've spent the past six years practically sharing a bedroom, after i switched colleges to be with her, and we made new york city our very precious home. with her boyfriend graduating, it was the perfect time for the two of them to tackle their dreams back in boston, together. twin was offered a design positon at a company she's always dreamed of, and it was out of the question for her to say no. she had to take it. and even though the "congratulations" turned into a two-hour sob, i had to let her go.
our final weeks in the city together were full of picnics, central park strolls, midnight dancing, morningside eats, rooftop views, and a lot of couch cuddles. we celebrated her boyfriend's graduation and i helped the two of them kiss nyc goodbye.
here are some photos from the past few weeks in the city. i couldn't have pictured a more magical goodbye.
 a sunday funday brunch at harlem tavern. after levain cookes, of course.
  margaritas. and lots of 'em. (photo by best friend, mel.)
    and this is me and best friend mel, obviously ;)
 such a proud day.
 probably my favorite photo we've ever taken :)

dumbo views.

oh, hey empire state. you're outshined at the moment.

city lovers.
and laura, i'll always be your twin in the city. for however long it lasts.