twin in the city

twin in the city

Sunday, January 26, 2014

snow white.

jacket: zara pants: zara shoes: bobbles & lace bag: h&m necklace: f21
 this bone-chilling vortex that has taken over the city has overstayed its welcome and can seriously go home. i don't mean to be as negative as the temperature outside, but a winter THIS cold is really something. commutes to and from work have been dreaded, layers on layers can't seem to fight the chill, and twin and i can just forget about lunchtime hugs until spring. i looked into the forecast for the weekend, and between two ten-degree days was a twenty-five degree one, and with my excitement you could have sworn summer started tomorrow. i quickly assured myself that twenty five is plllllenty warm for a shoot, thus making it out to central park saturday afternoon. well, a dusty snow shower turned into a windy not-so-wonderland within minutes and this was the serendipitous result.
although this coat color isn't one i'd usually go for, i'm all about trying new things in 2014, and that goes for my style as well. i'm a little worried about it getting scuffed up in the subway, but twin told me i look like a snow bunny in it and that's pretty much the cutest compliment i could imagine. i also enjoy its juxtaposition with the bright pop of these plaid skinnies.
how are you bundling in style this winter? or are you somewhere warm? if you are, let's please switch. please. :)
as always, the stunner behind the camera is my twin sister, laura golden.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


2014... you really crept up on us, didn't you? thanksgiving came, and a couple blinks later christmas and new year's appeared like magic, and here we are... another year. a new one. presto.
if 2013 were a person, i'd say he was a really good friend. he taught me a lot about myself, and kept me strong through the hardest parts with endless optimism and a great deal of hope. he gave me glimpses at love, eyes to notice the true treasures of life, patience, a million smiles, and moments i wish i could have bottled up and kept forever. i've never felt more ready to go after the things i want, and to let go of the things that have weighed down my heart. i've learned that happiness really is a mood, and not a destination.
this year is about taking chances and being fearless. it's about brushing off the little things that aren't worth it and focusing on the big ones that are. it's about putting dreams into motion, and taking a few leaps of faith. it's about believing. especially in myself.
what does 2014 mean to you?