twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, February 24, 2014

happy monday.

normally, i would never think to call a monday happy, but this one really was. it was my first day of work at this brand new job that i'm kind of super excited about. it's my first "real" job that i can actually afford to live off of in this crazy expensive city, and it falls within the realm of my dream career. being an assistant designer means so many things to me. back when i was tucked into the woods of new hampshire studying business, i remember dreaming of this day. did i apply to a design school? yes. did i apply for design? no. did i graduate with a degree in fashion? yes. did i graduate with a degree in fashion design? no. was design my biggest dream? yes. did i think i could do it? no. but here i am. i didn't give up. that moment when someone or something or even y o u tell yourself you can't, you need to let that propel and fuel you. you're destined for so much greatness, so many big and unbelievable things, if you just believe it. and sometimes fear is the best thing to channel into success.

i know my responsibilities aren't exactly that of jenna lyon, but you always have to start somewhere. and i'm incredibly happy to start right here. right now. today. monday. i'm a designer?! i'm a designer. woah. meg, you did it. 

oh, and the fact that this little blog was featured on pubslush today makes it a very happy monday. (thank you, nicole!)

follow your dreams. don't look back. don't let anyone tell you you can't.


Monday, February 17, 2014

dear twin...

for no particular reason, date, time, or milestone, i just want to say... i'm proud of you. we're twenty-four years old now, and lately i have seen such an adult and role model in you. you get up for work each morning without a complaint, you find the time and energy to exercise after work (when all i can think of is eating indian take-out and watching netflix), you cook, and you only let me put a couple treats in the grocery cart. but what surprises me the most is your ability to do all this while juggling the love of me and your longtime boyfriend who lives wayyy uptown. you work a full-time job in which you completely shine, you're a rock star photographer, you respond to all my long-winded text messages within minutes, and you still find time to think up amazing, creative valentine ideas that melt his heart, and mine too. i don't know if you're able to stop and take a second to realize it, but... you really do have it all together. you do. and i'm so proud.

yours, twin.

(photo taken in cinque terre italy, two years back. those were the days.)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

winter by the seacoast.

 even when it's iced-over, slippery, and terribly plowed... newburyport, massachusetts still takes my breath away. its magic has a way of overcoming you, no matter what time of year it is. a little lunch date with my dad happened this past week, followed by a sun-shadowed stroll through my favorite cobble stoned streets. although the frigid temps keep me inside most days, a walk around this charming town always warms my heart, and reminds me of the summer months to come.
so june, july, and august.... please don't be shy. and don't get me wrong february, you're still beautiful.