twin in the city

twin in the city

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

jay peak.

last week, as a friendly way to say goodbye to winter, some friends and i packed up our toastiest socks and some wine, among other beverages ;) and headed to the stunningly beautiful mountains of jay, vermont. we rented out two condos, but the thirty-five inches of snow came for free! i'm a total sucker for long car rides, especially ones with views of frozen lakes, sky-high mountains, and snow-sprinkled farmland.... so the four hours up and back were a real treat. i'd like to think i could trick people into thinking i'm some sort of super-skilled, avid skier, but...oh, no. ohhh noooo. i haven't mastered a graceful turn, i'm too scared to pick up speed, and getting off the chairlift gives me a mini heart attack.

 i "skied" one of the days, and spent most of what was left of the afternoons in that big hotel bed, eating turkey sandwiches with extra potato chips and falling for another spooky tv show. (bates motel, anyone?!) i don't think i'm alone when i say...that is vacation. when everyone came in and de-thawed, we played silly games and ventured to nearby restaurants for some vermont cheddar and undeniable burgers. here are a few photos taken over the week:
i had no trouble spotting these two on all those black diamonds ;)
twin's boyfriend kept both of us warm in the four degree weather.
...but it's easy to tell which twin makes him extra happy.
oh hey guys! 
lunch at the foot of the mountain.
twin pointed out how cozy her boyfriend and i look in this photo, but i blame it on the alcoholic hot cocoa's ;)
chicken carbonara and spicy maple syrup pizzas.
"oh... that's not a mountain?"
a "not so friendly" snow ball fight. ben: 1 twins: 0
this trip was a chilly, delicious, snowy, unforgettable one. 

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Ashleigh Jean said...

So much fun! I missed out on the snow this year, it's been pretty lame on the west coast. Glad you had fun!

xo, Ashleigh @ Fashion in Flight