twin in the city

twin in the city

Saturday, March 22, 2014

just around the corner.

happy spring! today i put on a dress i've been waiting months to wear, only to find out the weatherman lied. or maybe fifty-five degrees plus wind actually equals freezing. i can't help it though... i'm so eager for sparkling sunsets and warm walks with twin and trips home to the ocean. summer is the one thing to me that is always worth the wait. i've currently been consumed in work, catching up on sleep, vacationing in snowy vermont (photos to come!), and obsessing over the hunger games (i know, i'm a little behind on that one.) 

here's to that day when it switches over to warm, and stays that way. 


LeeLee said...

Aw, hope the weather becomes spring-like for you soon. :)

bb said...

Such a pretty look, sorry to hear you haven't gotten warm weather's been really nice in LA :)

x. jill
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