twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, April 21, 2014

easter weekend.

 i'm a day late but... happy easter! and what a beautiful celebration it was. twin was lucky enough to have the week off from work, but that didn't mean she was going to finish all the fun before i arrived thursday night. we have an unspoken "home checklist" that normally consists of: buffalo chicken, a drive down by plum island, a grateful dead at the local bar, a visit to our favorite restaurant downtown (for more buffalo chicken), and an entire play-through of fleetwood mac's "rumours" on vinyl. i'm happy to report that we didn't skip a beat, and i may have even had buffalo chicken more than twice! ;)
a picturesque moment on state street, easter afternoon.
taking in the salty ocean air after a trip to the maine diner.
some days, this beats the city skyline. okay, everyday.
old building reflections.
homemade mojitos. ingredients: three muddlers, extra sugar, and a million laughs. best part of the whole weekend.
 did i mention my friends are insanely talented in the kitchen? this cake followed a carefully crafted cauliflower soup and an apricot and blue cheese stuffed beef tenderloin on mashed potatoes.
i hope your weekend was filled with candy, bunnies, and plenty of pastel! 
{all photos by twin and me}

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

stopping to smell the roses.

the past few weeks have kept me on my toes.... between puddle jumping, spring cleaning, and ignoring that impending tax deadline, it wasn't until this evening that i had a second to stop and smell the roses. okay well, they were actually tulips and daffodils...but nonetheless, it was one of those absolutely perfect nights all by myself. there's something about spending time with just yourself. walking with your phone tucked far away, grabbing a new york treat, thinking through things all on your own... i've really come to love it. today when i stepped out of the office, the sixty degree weather had left behind a comfortable chill and some pink clouds, and i felt an undeniable pull down the street, rather than into the dismal subway. there were too many potted plants and refreshing smiles to just end the day right then and there. so i moseyed down broadway, with the flatiron building as my guide, making sure to pay extra attention to the recent blooms, lively city buzz, and skyline that seemed ever-so-crisp against the pale sky. 

an hour later, i had peeked into a number of quaint restaurants, admired shadowed brownstones, and taken in some of new york city's most breathtaking cityscapes.

and then the "ah hah" moment came. life is good.