twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, April 21, 2014

easter weekend.

 i'm a day late but... happy easter! and what a beautiful celebration it was. twin was lucky enough to have the week off from work, but that didn't mean she was going to finish all the fun before i arrived thursday night. we have an unspoken "home checklist" that normally consists of: buffalo chicken, a drive down by plum island, a grateful dead at the local bar, a visit to our favorite restaurant downtown (for more buffalo chicken), and an entire play-through of fleetwood mac's "rumours" on vinyl. i'm happy to report that we didn't skip a beat, and i may have even had buffalo chicken more than twice! ;)
a picturesque moment on state street, easter afternoon.
taking in the salty ocean air after a trip to the maine diner.
some days, this beats the city skyline. okay, everyday.
old building reflections.
homemade mojitos. ingredients: three muddlers, extra sugar, and a million laughs. best part of the whole weekend.
 did i mention my friends are insanely talented in the kitchen? this cake followed a carefully crafted cauliflower soup and an apricot and blue cheese stuffed beef tenderloin on mashed potatoes.
i hope your weekend was filled with candy, bunnies, and plenty of pastel! 
{all photos by twin and me}


Stylishlyme said...

Your friends are very talented! That cake looks delicious!


mywhiteT said...

Amazing photos, looks like you really enjoyed yourself.