twin in the city

twin in the city

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

baby blue, bridges, and bittersweet goodbyes.

as i sit down to write this post, i have an uncomfortable lump growing in my throat. this is the post i've been avoiding. this is the truth i've been avoiding. last week, twin packed up her things and left me as a solo twin in the city. this change has been both eye-opening and painful, something i knew i'd have to face sooner or later. we've spent the past six years practically sharing a bedroom, after i switched colleges to be with her, and we made new york city our very precious home. with her boyfriend graduating, it was the perfect time for the two of them to tackle their dreams back in boston, together. twin was offered a design positon at a company she's always dreamed of, and it was out of the question for her to say no. she had to take it. and even though the "congratulations" turned into a two-hour sob, i had to let her go.
our final weeks in the city together were full of picnics, central park strolls, midnight dancing, morningside eats, rooftop views, and a lot of couch cuddles. we celebrated her boyfriend's graduation and i helped the two of them kiss nyc goodbye.
here are some photos from the past few weeks in the city. i couldn't have pictured a more magical goodbye.
 a sunday funday brunch at harlem tavern. after levain cookes, of course.
  margaritas. and lots of 'em. (photo by best friend, mel.)
    and this is me and best friend mel, obviously ;)
 such a proud day.
 probably my favorite photo we've ever taken :)

dumbo views.

oh, hey empire state. you're outshined at the moment.

city lovers.
and laura, i'll always be your twin in the city. for however long it lasts.