twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, September 29, 2014

new look. same name.

it's been a struggle over the past couple months, trying to figure out what to do about the name of this blog. since moving back to new england, i technically don't live in new york city anymore. but new york is such a huge, wonderful part of who i am. new york has pushed me around, shoved me, and loved me... and for that reason it will always be one of the closest things to my heart. so the name is staying. even though i don't look out my bedroom window to city skylines or forty-story buildings, i still feel like i'm "twin in the city." and i always will be. and who knows.... maybe one day, i'll be back ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

sunflower girl.

sweater: f21 skirt: h&m booties: thrifted necklace: f21
 driving past this field a week ago, and becoming instantly mesmerized by the gorgeous blanket of sunny yellow, i couldn't wait to pay a visit with twin and the camera. although the sunflowers passed their peak by the time we went, they're still absolutely stunning, especially against the autumn setting sun.
with this inbetween-season weather, getting dressed is a bit of a challenge. we've gone from seventy-five degree sundays to fifty degree evenings, all while fall is trying to steal the show, and honestly i'm so excited for the air to hit that mark. i'm so thrilled to be home in new england for the leaves to change and for pumpkin carvings to take place and oktoberfest beers to be tasted.
one of my favorite current trends has to be pastels for fall. i love how these light hues are being mixed with season-appropriate textures and fabrications, and how unexpected it is to throw on a baby pink sweater in late september. daring to mix a couple different textures in one outfit is also a look i'm enjoying, and a challenge i'm willing to take on. ;)
happy fall!

Monday, September 15, 2014

market street stripes.

dress: tjmaxx jacket: h&m shoes: nyc corner boutique necklace:

this time of year really gets me. the leaves start to fall and the air gets crispy and there's an overwhelming sense of nostalgia with all the kids going back to school. to me, september always feels like a fresh start.... a time to reinvent yourself, to begin a new and wonderful chapter. with new york fashion week just passing us by, i was itching to get out there and do a style post. 

i tend to stay away from horizontal stripes since the illusion is widening, but the contouring side panels along this dress prove it to be very flattering. paired with a quilted-detail bomber and a color-pop necklace, i feel the perfect balance of bad girl edge and playful sweetness.

photos by melissa popovic & laura golden