twin in the city

twin in the city

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


waiting. that's all most of us do, is wait. wait for that person or that job or that feeling or that "ah hah" moment. we dream and we want and we wait. we tell other people what we want, we tell ourselves what we want, we write down our wild ideas, but very rarely do we do something about it. we just wait for it, reassuring ourselves that it'll come. one day. one day we'll have that person or that job or that sense of being whole. one day it'll just happen.

i used to honestly think this way, and think that the things that are meant to happen simply will. if i'm supposed to end up with someone, i will. if i'm supposed to start a business, i will. if i'm supposed to be in new york, i'll end up back there. but what i've realized in 2014 is that this mentality is just a shield of safety, a secure place to hide behind the comfort of what is known and what is free of danger. there are a million reasons why something won't work, or why something is "too much of a risk," so we shy away from the unknown, and maybe even convince ourselves there's a reason why it's called "to dream." it's not meant to actually happen. 

the problem with the world is there are too many people who think this way. there are too many people who accept this, and continue in their routine. it wears us down and it defeats us, but we come to accept that for whatever reason, it's either too late or was never really meant to be. but isn't the lack of trying worse than potential failure? won't we resent ourselves for playing it safe? things happen for the people who don't give up. believing you can and you will is half of it. dream it and believe it.

i've never felt more hungry, anxious, or ready to go after what i want. there are a million reasons it couldn't or shouldn't work, but i'll find the one reason it does. and i'll fight until i've made it. i'll fight until it's mine. 

are you with me? no more waiting. 2015 will be the year of doing.