twin in the city

twin in the city

Sunday, August 23, 2015

late summer style.

top: f21 skirt: golden closet purse: golden closet shoes: f21

even though the next couple weeks are lined up to be eighty-something degrees, i can't contain my excitement for falling leaves and rich colored outfits that are just around the corner. i definitely don't want to wish summer away, but there is always something so refreshing about fall and the reset button it seems to bring along with it. i'm about to make a little (big) move to the city of boston, and i could not be more ready. i've always felt that big changes are healthy and necessary, and this year has seemed to bring a lot of them. golden closet, which twin and i launched this past spring, has given us great collaborative and social opportunities, and we are so thankful for what it has brought us so far, and can't wait to see what we can make of it in a year's time.

we have been focusing on showcasing product that is versatile and easy to wear. we carried this perfect little bag in springtime hues and it was a great success, so we are thrilled to re-introduce it in autumnal colors. paired with the cutest denim mini, you're more than ready for late summer adventures. i also snagged these chunky heels from forever 21's sale shelf for $20! 

here's to starting new chapters in style! ;)

xo, meg

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

july fever.

romper : golden closet | clutch: golden closet | shoes: tj maxx 
twin and i have been loving this mid-july heat, especially when it calls for a cute and colorful romper like this one! this piece from our shop is definitely a current fave, and an easy silhouette that's undeniably flattering. we are so excited to share a number of new pieces at our local annual street fair in just a few weeks, yankee homecoming in newburyport ma! so much prep and planning has gone into this, and we know it'll be a busy and extremely exciting time for our brand new business. 

you can shop this romper (and all accessories!) over at golden closet.

xo, meg

Monday, May 11, 2015

powder blue.

Golden Closet Dress | Golden Closet Clutch | Daily Look Shoes | 

the cutest little new arrival is up for sale at Golden Closet! this number reminded twin and i of something the jetson mom would wear, with its feminine shape and futuristic flair. it makes me want to take in the sea breeze with a glass of pinot in hand :) 

the powder hues are taking over this season's style-scape, and i couldn't be happier. there's something so refreshing about a look that's centered around light and airy color.

this dress is 20% this week only with promo code JETSON20 at checkout! 

xo, meg

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

strawberry fields.

dress: golden closet | jacket: h&m | shoes: marshall's | necklace: golden closet | clutch: golden closet
spring has....not sprung, but i figure if i dress like it has, maybe it will hurry along the process ;) it's hard to believe may is just a few days away. even though it 'may' not look like it on the streets of massachusetts, i've been getting all sorts of antsy, anticipating what the warmer months will bring. twin and i visited one of our favorite new england corners, this road in the little town of newbury, which we frequent quite a bit. even though the marshes are brown and i couldn't hide my goosebumps, i felt a sense of peace from this visit, just as i always do, pretty soon we will be surrounded by green and toasted by the sun, and we simply cannot wait.

i'm wearing a dress that's new up in our shop today (the entire GC look is 20% off this week!) with our park envelope clutch and joppa necklace. this dress is honestly so easy to pop on, and its sweet colors will attract all the right kind of attention. despite the name we originally gave this dress, we can't help but refer to it as "strawberry dress," since we think it totally looks like one! so strawberry dress it is :) did i mention it's only $34? 
grab yours before they're gone! and let's welcome the sweet warmer days together.

xo, meg

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

golden closet.

 so.... i know there's no excuse for a three month hiatus from blogging (enter teeth clenching emoji), but what if i said every free minute of the past three months i've been builing a brand new business with my twin? that's got to deserve some sort of free pass :) i've always said to stop dreaming and start doing, so here it online boutique of our very own, featuring the trendiest, most beautiful apparel and accessories we could find. BOOM. 

golden closet means so much more to us than just an online shop. it embodies everything we have learned, worked for, believe in, and are inspired by. it's a place where our skills and our passions mesh together. but the best part of it all is that we get to share it with you. you'll find ultra feminine color palettes, flattering silhouettes, and statement accessories, all at an extremely reasonable price. 

we would absolutely love it if you checked out our shop (and little GC blog!) 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

shades of red.

jacket: f21 skirt: f21 top: ganesh booties: sole society necklace: binky and lulu
hello 2015! i know you're nearly a month underway, but i've been soaking you up and squeezing a whole lot out of you these past few weeks, and it's felt pretty amazing. twin and i have been working on an exciting new project that will be launching later this spring, and we cannot wait to share this 'golden' venture with you. in recent news, we braved the chilly temps to do a little shoot with our beautiful and talented friend olivia of k+o photo, and even got to feature some sweet jewels from binky and lulu! i was able to muster up a couple smiles, warming up with blankets between takes and full out de-thawing with strawberry tea afterwards... thanks liv! ;)

would you believe me if i said my least favorite color is red? i feel like it's a little bit of a shock, considering my hair is this hue and the florentine lip color i'm always wearing is a shade of it as well. i've found recently that i enjoy the way its poppy vibrancy dulls down my hair color, and also how it compliments my pale complexion.
a warm thank you to k+o photo, binky and lulu, and twin, of course.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


waiting. that's all most of us do, is wait. wait for that person or that job or that feeling or that "ah hah" moment. we dream and we want and we wait. we tell other people what we want, we tell ourselves what we want, we write down our wild ideas, but very rarely do we do something about it. we just wait for it, reassuring ourselves that it'll come. one day. one day we'll have that person or that job or that sense of being whole. one day it'll just happen.

i used to honestly think this way, and think that the things that are meant to happen simply will. if i'm supposed to end up with someone, i will. if i'm supposed to start a business, i will. if i'm supposed to be in new york, i'll end up back there. but what i've realized in 2014 is that this mentality is just a shield of safety, a secure place to hide behind the comfort of what is known and what is free of danger. there are a million reasons why something won't work, or why something is "too much of a risk," so we shy away from the unknown, and maybe even convince ourselves there's a reason why it's called "to dream." it's not meant to actually happen. 

the problem with the world is there are too many people who think this way. there are too many people who accept this, and continue in their routine. it wears us down and it defeats us, but we come to accept that for whatever reason, it's either too late or was never really meant to be. but isn't the lack of trying worse than potential failure? won't we resent ourselves for playing it safe? things happen for the people who don't give up. believing you can and you will is half of it. dream it and believe it.

i've never felt more hungry, anxious, or ready to go after what i want. there are a million reasons it couldn't or shouldn't work, but i'll find the one reason it does. and i'll fight until i've made it. i'll fight until it's mine. 

are you with me? no more waiting. 2015 will be the year of doing.