twin in the city

twin in the city

i'm so happy you stopped by! welcome to this little blog of mine. 
fashion is my heart, and new york city is where i studied...
but massachusetts is where i came from, and it will always be my home.
it all started while i was adventuring through the tuscan hills in spring of two thousand twelve.
i thought: why not keep all of my favorite moments and memories in one little place?
a place i can keep them safe, forever.

so here it is. my memory box.

i consider myself the luckiest person in the world to share it all with my other half...
 my identical twin sister, laura. or just simply put, twin.

this space is a mix of my personal style, 
snapshots of mesmerizing nyc,
 corners of new england that i adore,
and places on the world map i've been lucky enough to leave my footprints.

so join me in finding the beauty and bliss amidst this crazy, stunning world.
{hugs and please stay a while, megan}